Medprax ICD-10 Browser

Medprax ICD-10 Browser 2008.1

It enables you to quickly look-up any ICD10 code on a word, phrase or code
2008.1 (See all)

ICD-10 Search Engine is one of the most advanced tools to find the correct ICD-10 code for the patient's illness.
Main features:
- Lightning fast, intuitive and easy to use
- Auto word completion will assist you with correct spelling and more successful searches
- Layman's term definitions to assist your coding personnel
- Uniquely integrated searches on all 3 ICD-10 book volumes
- Complete with integrated South African ICD-10 codes
- On the fly Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) and Chronic Disease List (CDL) indicators
- Inclusions and Exclusions
- External cause of an injuries and 5th digit coding
- Built-in Asterisk and Dagger PMB code combinations
- Create your own compliant Favorites

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